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New Music Decanted | "Side-By-Side" Flute Concert

Solo Flute: Telemann Flute Fantasias

Jennifer Hunt, Flute

House Concert - SOLD OUT

A side-by-side comparison of an “old-world” selection of Telemann Fantasies with a similar, but more contemporary, counterpart.

GP Telemann: Fantasia #1 | Toru Takemitsu: Air for Solo Flute (1995)
GP Telemann: Fantasia #6 | David Loeb: Six Preludes: Studies on East Asian Pipes (1982)
GP Telemann: Fantasia #2 | Anthony Fiumara: Solo for Alto Flute (2009)
GP Telemann: Fantasia #7 | Greg Patillo: Three Beats for Solo Flute (2011)