ensemble repertoire


Peter Ablinger

Ohne Titel I-X for two performers (2005)

Les Mots Sont Allés… for Solo Cello (1976)

Luciano Berio

Rest These Hands for Solo Cello and Tape (2009)

Anna Clyne

Paar for Cello and Horn (2016)*

Sergio Cote

Two Instruments for Cello and Horn (1958)

Morton Feldman

Solo for Alto Flute (2009)

Anthony Fiumara

L’Oiseau Blessé for solo flute (1987)

Denis Gougeon

Chant for Solo Cello (1994)

Jonathan Harvey

Homage to John Cage (Faltering Words) for Solo Cello (1999)

György Kurtág

Szygy for Cello and Horn (2016)*

Dongryul Lee

Step, Slide and Sustain for Cello, Horn, and Piano (2014)

Alvin Lucier

…and death i think is no parenthesis for Solo Cello: II. l(a (2019)*
Song Without Words no. 1 for Solo Cello (2018)

Eric Moore

Orfeo I for solo flute & tape (1975)

Thea Musgrave

Earth Ears for two performers (1989)

Pauline Oliveros

Three Beats for Solo Flute (2011)

Greg Patillo

Clapping Music for two performers (1972)

Steve Reich

Dolce Tormento for Solo Piccolo (2004)
Mirrors for Flute and Cello (1997)

Kaija Saariaho

Seven Tunes Heard In China for Solo Cello - excerpts (1999)

Bright Sheng

Air for Solo Flute (1995)

Toru Takemitsu

Venus Enchanted for solo cello (2017)

Augusta Read Thomas

Transitions for solo cello (2014)

Anna Þorvaldsdóttir




JS Bach

Unaccompanied Cello Suite #2 in D-Minor, BWV 1008

Claude Debussy

Syrinx for Solo Flute (1913)

Orphée et Eurydice - excerpts (1762)

Christoph Gluck

Fantasia #1 for Solo Flute
Fantasia #2 for Solo Flute
Fantasia #6 for Solo Flute
Fantasia #7 for Solo Flute

GP Telemann